• Iconoclasts are wonderful - anarchists are anathema
  • The only thing you have to do in life is die.
  • If you think that you should be able to sit on your rear and have people serve you, YOU'RE the greedy one.

In these current days of turmoil and unrest, the antagonists of society are using the words and values which we cherish to seduce ordinary people into their 'revolution'. Before you jump onto the revolution bandwagon, you need to understand where you'll be when the bandwagon screeches to a halt.

The object of the current revolution is to destroy all of the systems of our society. Be sure that's what you want before you give your support - or before you even withhold your opposition to these socialist revolutionaries.

Ipsism has no objection to iconoclasts. Hell, Ipsism is iconoclastic rhetoric. An icon is a symbol. The preconceived notion of some construct. It can be misconceptions, adulation of those who deserve infamy, pop stars or even politicians. Exposing the folly of icons is nothing more than pointing out which golden demagogs have feet of clay. So, when it comes to exposing the sheer lunacy of following these icons, Ipsism applauds any and all who are willing to voice an opinion as to the value or worthlessness of popularly cherished icons. But, Ipsism does not advocate the destruction of the entirety of society in a cause which will eventually elevate a few select 'revolutionary leaders' to god like status while subjugating the masses to serve the elite. With few exceptions, that has been the course of revolutions. One despot replaced with another.

And what are the populist themes that the revolutionists use to advance this class warfare? When you distill the flowery and stirring rhetoric, they are basically saying that you should destroy the current system because somebody has more than you. And that you should be outraged and tear everything down because YOU made bad choices. They say that you agreed to buy a house that you couldn't afford so it was the banks' fault. You decided to spend thousands of dollars to go to an expensive university to learn the useless drivel that these same demagogs can praise while they slit your throat. You are the sheep being led to slaughter when you buy into the revolution. Your own demise when you believe that you should destroy the banks that lent you money to 'follow your dreams'. You are truly biting the hand that fed you.

Why aren't you revolting against the universities and elitist professors who continuously gouge you and government for more of your money? Would you have had the debt if the universities hadn't taken your money? Then why the hell are you complaining about the banks who are only asking that you repay the loans for which you contracted? You speak of predatory lenders - how the F*** can you say that the banks forced you to borrow money? Why aren't you revolting against the predatory educators who led you to believe that you would be worthless if you didn't give them money to impart their wisdom unto you? Now you have a wonderful masters of fine arts degree and you can't make a living because no one is willing to pay you to sit around and cognate on fine art? Where are you predatory educators now? Why aren't they giving you money to follow your dream? Why won't they even lend you money with the hope that you will some day repay them? So, why the F*** are you upset with the banks that WERE willing to take a chance on you - willing to lend you money with the hope of repayment?

These predatory educators led you to believe that you would be worthless if you didn't have their stamp of approval -- a university degree in some arcane subject that has no commercial value? Isn't that what you are really complaining about -- that no one is willing to pay you to do what you want? Aren't you really complaining that your product isn't selling? Aren't you really just complaining that you are an unsuccessful capitalist? That no one will buy your time to do what you want to do?

When you get to the very essence of commercialism, everyone is just selling their time in this existence. Some find a way to use their time in such manner that others are willing to pay for that person's time; others can't interest people in buying their time. Every person makes that decision for himself.

People say that they were forced into buying a house; or going into debt for an education; or that they have to have a car to go from place to place. All of that is nonsense. The only absolute requirement of life is that you must die. When you hear and agree with people like Ms Maxey (who recently ranted on you-tube that she shouldn't have to work or pay rent), you are being stupid. Or greedy. You don't have to have a car. You can walk or not go to the places that your car would take you. You don't have to have a job. But be prepared to change what you want in life. You don't have to pay rent -- go live in the wide open spaces or make a lean-to. Taken to an extreme, you don't have to eat. If you don't eat, you will, eventually, die. You don't have to drink water, but expect to get thirsty before you eventually die. You don't even have to breathe -- but expect to die; because that's the only thing that you have to do in life -- die.

So, after you really think about it and realize that the only thing that you have to do is die; realize that everything else in life is a choice.

Are you really so arrogant that you believe, like Ms Maxey, that you should be able to sit on your rear and have everyone else bring things to you? Why should you be treated in such fashion? What are you doing for others that you deserve such adulation? If that's what you believe, understand that you are the greedy one. More than that, it is YOU who is being immoral as the Tenth Commandment is thou shall not covet. It's not greedy banks that expect to make their earnings by providing services or lending money to you. Remember, borrowing money is your choice so that you can have things before you can afford to buy them with money that you've already earned. It's not the corporations who are greedy because they want to make their earnings by providing the goods and services that you desire. It's not big oil that's greedy because they make their earnings providing the energy that you want to drive your car to the places that you want to go. It's not the truckers or retailers who are greedy because they earn money when they bring you the things that you want. Remember, you don't HAVE to have those things, you WANT those things. And you're not greedy because you want those things or because you sell your time to someone else. You're greedy because you want those things without paying for them. You're greedy when you want to take the earnings of others because you can't sell your time for as much as you would like to have. You are greedy when you say tear down what everyone else has so that you can have more, or so that you can have something for nothing.

There is the essence of the fault with the current socialist revolution. They wish to tear down and destroy what everyone else has worked for in order to promote themselves. The revolutionists are the greedy ones. They want to seduce you with the idea that you deserve something for nothing. They say that you believed the greedy educators who took the money that you borrowed from the banks and now you should go after the banks that lent you the money. They say that because your greed didn't work (when you bought a house thinking that you'd flip it to the next greedy buyer), you should go after the banks that lent you the money.

Just how stupid are you? Are you really going to believe that your greed should be rewarded at the expense of all those who worked to allow you to do and have the things that you wanted? Do you really believe that everyone else should lose their lifetime savings to satisfy the greed of your glorious revolutionary leaders? Go spend a month in the wilderness, first. Don't take anything with you. See what it is to do everything for yourself. Because if you don't do everything for yourself, you're engaged in trade and that makes you a capitalist. If you don't understand that, you are stupid enough to be a socialist revolutionary. When the bandwagon stops, you'll have nothing. Your glorious revolutionary leaders? They'll be your new masters, telling you how you'll live what you'll do and determine how good a slave you are. They'll decide whether you need to go to a re-education camp or if you're hopeless, just to be killed immediately, so as not to burden the Revolutionary Cause. After all, you're not greedy enough to be a burden on the Revolution, are you?
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