How to End the Threat of Radical Jihadists

It is difficult to quantitate the number of Muslims who hate infidels. Some argue that it is less than one per cent – but a poll taken by Saudi intelligence shortly after 9/11/2001 revealed that 95% of Saudis favored the actions taken against the West. Whatever the level of support for extremists, it is patently obvious that the Muslim communities and nations have not had the will or ability to stop those who violently attempt to advance their religious beliefs. An imposed solution is always more brutal than a congenial infra-faith resolution. And such is the case, now. This is not for the faint of heart nor those who prefer concession to confrontation. Those people who reject the implicit bravery required of action are condemned to accept a death by a 'thousand cuts' for themselves and their children and their children’s children.

Islam presents a fundamental confrontation to the rest of the world.

Radical jihadists will not cease until this fundamental confrontation is resolved.

For 1400 years, the disciples of Allah, with Mohamed as his messenger, have waged religious war against the world's non-Muslims, the infidels - those who do not accept Allah as the only true God and do not worship him as Mohamed proscribes (note that this does not include groups such as the Somali pirates who are fundamentally opportunistic gangsters preying on a local region). Notwithstanding that Allah is supposedly the same god as the Judaeo-Christian God. Even Moses and Jesus are accepted by Islam as prophets of Allah. Yet, violent disciples have rent Allah from the faith of Jews and Christians and placed their Allah in competition with all other deities.

Despite the supposed synonymous nature of Allah and the Judaeo-Christian God, Allah’s disciples have positioned themselves to fight for superiority of Allah. This HAS been a constant for 1400 years.

The only resolution will be to defeat the symbol of Allah, thus disproving the superiority of their Allah.

The most recognizable symbol of Allah is Mecca.

Nothing is going to stop violent jihad short of the destruction of Mecca, as a Muslim trust of Islam, to demonstrate and prove that Allah is not “SUPREME”. This does not require the physical annihilation of Mecca. Making Mecca an open city with infidels able to go and come freely is enough. The degree of force necessary to do this is a direct function of the resistance posed by Allah’s disciples; surely peaceful Muslims would not raise arms to prevent infidels from seeing Mecca’s interior.

It is possible that Muslim leaders, if presented with this possibility as a credible threat, could stop further violence. But, once presented, there would have to be the resolve to carry through. To back down after making the threat would signify surrender to the extremists and give them free reign to terrorize.

The possible ramifications would include a global Muslim retaliation – but this should not occur if Muslims are truly peaceful, having only been shown that Allah has feet of clay. It is implicit that if our society is open to Islam, Islam SHOULD be open to the rest of the world.

Undeniably, this is a bitter pill to solve the 1400 years of aggression by the disciples of Allah. But, it is the medicine that the West has refused to employ to rid the scourge of Muslim violence for those same 1400 years.

The solution to Muslim violence is to demonstrate that Allah is NOT supreme. Once shown, there is no longer an ideological imperative to impose the faith in Allah, as delivered by his Messenger Mohamed, peace be upon his name.

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