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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying

Commentary after commentary tries to browbeat opponents with the ‘scientific consensus’ of some point. As if the collective opinions of some group convey not just a stamp of approval on an issue but anoint their position with the ...

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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying
The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and Mr. Trump
A "Senator's tears" or A "Billionaire's agenda"?
Should A Phishing Attack Spark World War III ?
How to End the Threat of Radical Jihadists
Why do they hate us?
Arrested Maturation
Words Matter?
President Barack H. Obama
Obama Lied America Died Healthcare
The Smartest Teleprompter in the Universe
Ship of State
Time Flies , Ballaz Bounce
Economic Stimulus
Obama Birth Certificate - FORGET IT!
It's 1976 all over agin, only worse.
The Bailout is Just Plain WRONG!
The Bailout
Response to Bush Address of 9/24/2008
Failed Policies
You're a racist if you're not a misogynist.
Sarah and the Wizard of O
Carbon Based Reality
The Global Warming Forest
The Electoral College Flunks Out ?
Election Separation
Food Goups
Mel Gibson - Paradigm of World Peace?
Immigration - Guest Worker? Sham!
It`s Time to WIN
Gurlz Can!
Dunce caps and petards
America`s Image
Nobody Listens
Sucking Eggs
Meet the Ballaz
News from 2079
Compassion Kills?
Life for Zacarias Moussaoui - Thanks.
What`s with religion?
A dispassionate look at Global Warming
Dump da Dems - Let's Go Brandon
Let's Go Brandon
Dum da Dems - Let's Go Brandon
Let's Go Brandon
Dum da Dems - Let's Go Brandon
Let's Go Brandon
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The ramblings of an old coot who knows that no one is going to pay any attention to what he says. But, say it he will because when it`s too late, people will say, `why didn`t you tell us, why didn`t you say something` and I can say, `I did, you didn`t listen`

So, these will be the warnings of one too old for you to hear, too resolute for you to heed. It will be easy to ignore me. You`ll say that I`m a racist or a bigot, a redneck or a right wing extremist, just don`t say that I didn`t warn you.

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The Big Guy gets half

The Big Guy Gets Half!

While some documents state that the 'Big Guy' gets 10% off the top,
Hunter has complained that he has to give half of his income to his father.


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