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The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and Mr. Trump
There have been many assertions that President Trump's investments and holdings (both domestic and international) violate the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

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A "Senator's tears" or A "Billionaire's agenda"?
I saw a news headline stating: "Trump blames airport chaos on 'tears of Senator Schumer'"

I don't think Schumer has enough clout to generate the crowds or protests in such short order of time.

However, 'Obama for Action/ aka / Organizing For Action. · Obama Foundation. does have the clout, organization and Soros financial backing to generate the 'flash' protests seen over the weekend, starting only hours after announcement of the Executive Order on Friday.

This type action is an example of the Soros backed resistance to 'everything Trump'. In this regard, Soros is using Obama as a shill; a front man or useful idiot to Soros' political and financial ambitions.

That the media so eagerly laps up the Trump adversaries and their positions, falsifies reasons and facts and ignores the organized opposition to the President attests to their continued propagandizing for the Left / Democrat party.

Traditionally, former presidents have eschewed political activism after their terms of office. It is obvious that shows the Obamas' intention of remaining activists and will run a shadow government in opposition to Trump.

In my opinion, Obama is opposing the 'peaceful transition of power' that our country has enjoyed. He is doing this by actively maintaining a group of organizers who are staging violent protests against Trump policies - whatever those policies might be.

In the current kerfuffle blown out of proportion, Trump selected the very countries which the Obama administration named as being unstable and presenting a security risk. If anything, Obama is to blame for not taking actions to secure and protect the United States after he (Obama) named those states as security risks.

No presidency deserves to have the just retired president run a shadow government against it. The Obamas should shut down and occupy a distinguished distance from politics as his predecessors have done.

I hope that you will support President Trump to the greatest extent possible, consistent with your beliefs.
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