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The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and Mr. Trump
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Response to Bush Address of 9/24/2008
Mr. Bush, this is a problem created by Congress and its affirmative action lending programs, such as the 1996 Community Reinvestment Act. You have exacerbated the problem by driving down the value of the dollar so that you could repay the debt borrowed from China, and other foreign powers, to finance the Iraq War. With 'compassionate conservatism' you encouraged lending to illegals who just walked away from their responsibilities.

YOU signed the ethanol conversion bill which started the snowball of economic collapse.

YOU allowed the government to expand by 60% under your watch when you could have vetoed some of the spending.

Now, everybody is paying for your 'compassionate conservatism' and failure of leadership in fiscal responsibility and restraint. Our money buys less, our goods and fuel costs more. And, it's because YOU failed to exercise fiscal restraint. You wanted your numbers to look good.

No, I don't believe you or that it's necessary for the American public to bail out the liberal elite who look with disdain upon the very people that you're asking to provide financial salvation.

I deeply resent the pabulum of your rhetoric that this is going to be a good investment for Americans. If it's such a good investment, the big money players would be buying up the debt. No, this is garbage paper that you're asking the American public to buy from the heavy dollar contributors of both political parties. It stinks.

The tulip bulb scheme occurred in Holland centuries ago. Everybody who has the ability to invest should be aware that they can lose that investment. OK, now some of the big political investors of both parties are going to lose their money. That's the risk they took when they made the investment. I do not begrudge them the profits that they made but I sure as hell don't feel responsible for their losses.

In reality, this is nothing more than a scheme by which the investment firms can maintain their investment ratings to keep doing business as usual. Let them take a hit on their ratings or change the ratings rules. Don't stick it to the American Public.

Mr. President, this is a sell-out and you're the one who's been bought.

I hope every Congressman and Senator who votes for this robbery of the public trust is voted out of office. And, if they want to take away anybody's pay, take away the pay and medical and retirement benefits of every living member of Congress and every living President, past and present. It's time for Congress and government to take less. This socialist sellout is neither compassionate nor conservative. It's robbery; and all who support it are crooks.
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