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The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and Mr. Trump
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Hillary & Her Kaine - Storming Our Liberty, two amendments at a time
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[Re: Melania Trump's Convention speech accused of plagiarism]

Why are we worried about the question of plagiarism of a few platitudes in a speech?

The real question is whether these people live up to their speeches. Here, the Obamas fall woefully short.

It's had to believe that Barack's parents ever told him the path to success was hard work. In his teen's and early 20's Barack admitted to using and selling illegal drugs. He never held a job before graduating from law school and then eschewed the hard work of a law firm for community organizing and being an adjunct professor.
Likewise, Michele never held a 'hard working' job. She traded upon her position and relationship to her politician husband who could deliver quid pro quo on behalf of his wife through the political system.
Barack's tax policies have been anathema to hard work with punitive extraction of wealth from those who do work hard. His explanation is that it's just not fair that some people are able to work hard and achieve. But Barack never bothered to perform introspection of his $6000 suits and his post-presidential rent of $22,000 per MONTH which will undoubtedly be subsidized by the tax payer, rather than his hard work. It's doubtful that Barack will ever be a 'hard worker'. Instead, Barack'll capitalize on being an influence peddler, depending upon schmooze and slime rather than elbow grease.

And 'your word is your bond, you'll do what you say you'll do' - laughable that people paid any credence to Michele when she uttered those words. It was more believable when she introduced Barack as her "baby-daddy".

Barack has reduced the issue of trust to the level of carnival barker - say anything to get them in the door, because once in the door, you'll separate the rube from their money. We now know, unequivocally, that 'if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor' was a purposeful lie intended to garner support for a dishonest socialist agenda intended to destroy healthcare. And, 'it'll lower the cost of healthcare by $2500/year for a family of four'? - Just look at your medical premiums.

Where was Barack's 'word as bond' when Barack was telling us that he was dealing with the "moderate" Iranians. Yet his subordinates now boast of the lie, admitting that all the while Barack was dealing with lackeys of the hardest of hard line Mullahs?

No, the question is not whether a few platitudes were repeated in a speech; the question should be - does the speaker mean this and is this how they will govern?

For the Obamas, we know know that they were more 'words that just don't matter'.


You attend a stop-gun violence demonstration then go to a pro-Choice rally.
You are a socialist who is upset by the use of the word Nazi, never realizing that it meant
the National Socialist German Workers' Party.
You admit that Bill and Hillary are the most dishonest and crooked politicians in American history but
you are going to vote for Hillary anyway, because Trump is impolite.
You think everyone IS equal, but you deserve special treatment.
You think everyone should pay their "fair share" but you claim every loophole and haven't paid your taxes in years.
You wear pantsuits thinking no one will notice that you have cankles.


Loretta, you ever meet Vice Foster? He was that fella who was sweet on Hillary.
He got depressed because Hillary was married to me, he wound up committing suicide.

How y'all feeling? This stuff with Hillary's not making y'all depressed is it?


This is a truly sad story.

The Vanishing Twin Syndrome was first recognized in 1947.

The syndrome occurs when a twin or multiple babies disappears in the uterus during pregnancy.
It was originally called Hillary's Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Medical ultrasound also became available around this time and the doctors were able to take a picture showing one infant with its arm in a choke hold around one of the triplets.

Currently medical discoveries are being made about cellular memory, neural networks created while in the womb. (Wade, J. 1996) They have found that birth and pre-birth trauma is constantly relived by the survivor (Woodward, J. 1998).

From this research they have created a new hypothesis: womb twin survivors seem to spend their lives re-enacting the life and death of their lost twin. Nothing appears to be more important than that, even life itself. (Hayton, A. 2008)

Womb twin survivors share the symptoms of “borderline” personality disorder (BPD.) Persons with BPD were once considered by psychoanalysts to be “on the borderline between neurosis and schizophrenia”- hence the name.

For women, to be angry is a powerful thing, and if she feels an inner sense of helplessness as she unconsciously identifies with her lost little twin, she will seek every opportunity to assert her power over others.

And, what of the other twin, you may ask, since they started as triplets.

This is truly tragic. Hillary and her twin breast fed - but her mother could not produce enough milk to properly nourish both twins. And it was tragic when Hillary's second twin died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - in the same crib as Hillary.
The parents were hysterical asking what happened and baby Hillary was heard to gurgle - "I have no specific recall"

As the remaining daughter of the would be triplets, Hillary's father, Hugh Rodham doted on her. Hillary quickly learned how to manipulate her father. And her father, known as 'a wheeler-dealer, a shyster-type guy, always trying to screw somebody'; a man who 'resorted to any trick to cut a deal and make a sale.' taught all of his tricks to his little girl who had already managed to rid herself of two siblings who might have taken a share of their father's attention. Hillary always aced out her brothers who were treated less than kindly. Both brothers resented how much she was spoiled by their father and they were treated like red-haired step children.

Even with this treatment, the brothers' became wheeler-dealers, just like their old man. Their wheeler-dealer ways are part of the Rodham family dynamic. Hillary's brothers always wanted to be like their old man: 'They always seemed to be looking for the big score.' The old man loved Hillary because she was always able to make the big score. Hillary understood that the only thing that mattered was winning.

So Hillary's womb twin survivor's “borderline” personality disorder was reinforce by her family dynamic.

And it was no stretch to write in her senior thesis for Wellesley College, that Saul Alinski was inconsistent and that he needed to tighten up as "There Is Only the Fight " and he had to do what it takes in the Rodham family way.

The family ways carried over to Hillary's job as a lawyer on the House Judiciary Committee, Clinton's supervisor on the Watergate Committee stated that she “… engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.” More bluntly, her supervisor accused that she was fired, "Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the house, the rules of the Committee, and the rules of confidentiality." -

Her dad was so proud, Hillary was following in the family tradition of win at any cost.

And these were the lessons that Hillary learned from the womb, before birth, to do what it takes, even if it means you have to choke hold a twin or smother a twin and blame it on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Just don't admit to anything, claim you have no specific recall and Daddy will love you - as long as you're conniving enough and willing to 'resorted to any trick' to make the deal.


Madam General Lynch,

Do you believe that all lives matter and that all lives have equal value?
Do you have an armed security detail?
Why is your life more important than the average citizen?
Will you lead by example and disarm your security detail or the FBI, in general?


"Romance" of Caliphate most powerful recruiting tool.


Obama & Hillary responsible for removing regional leaders in
Middle East leading to destabilization and deterioration of social


Recompense for victims of domestic terrorism

Mr. President Obama,
As an expert on the Muslim faith, can you tell us if the Orlando terrorist
will be rewarded for a 'two-fer' for killing infidels who are also homosexual;
specifically, will he still receive 72 virgins or will it be doubled to a gross and,
is there any extra reward for undertaking this act during Ramadan?


Mr. President Obama,
Your current policy is to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees
at a cost of hundred of millions, if not billions of dollars.
As in the 9/11 Compensation fund, are you willing to defer importation of
some of these Muslims in order to compensate the families of terrorism
victims in Ft Hood; Boston; San Bernardino; Orlando and others -
especially since your weakness has led to these terrorist attacks?


Since Mr. Trump has now been sworn in as President, all of those
who worried that 'if Mr. Obama were assassinated, Mr. Biden would
become president', no longer have that worry. tongue


People are making too much out of Trump's criticism of this and other judges.

Trump is PRESIDENT. Has anyone been criticized for call Trump names?

Those who speak of positions of power act as if Trump can remove a judge sui sponte. He cannot.

Unless you're willing to shut down the criticism OF Trump, you have no right to try to shut down the criticism BY Trump.

Remember the old adages -
What's fair for the goose is fair for the gander
If justice depends upon whose ox is gored, there is NO justice.


Most of what Obama did was bolster union retirement accounts and protect union jobs so they could continue paying dues and the unions would have the money to donate to Democrats.
Obama later laughed about the lie of 'shovel ready jobs' Obama managed to DOUBLE the national debt from the time that he took over.
Talk about a con-man? THAT was Obama. Tripled the deficit then bragged that he had cut it in half. But it still remained at 150% of when he took office. Why do you think Obama never used budgets? With continuing resolutions he was able to use the so called TARP rescue as part of his baseline.


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