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The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and Mr. Trump
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Arrested Maturation

The 'liberal left' has adopted a position of 'environmental Stalinism.' They take a set of data, such as the ice-core data, extract a portion of the data to use for campaign rhetoric; but refuse to even consider the larger part of the data that absolutely proves them wrong. They then castigate those who say we must look at long term trends, rather than the momentary fluctuations that they tout.

Yet, when Nature laughs in their faces by supplying a decade of cooling, these global warming / climate change Chicken Littles try to defend their lunacy by saying we must look at a longer term to support their fallacy.

It seems that the left has paused maturation at the level of 15-year-olds. They display a wonderful passion for their position, absolutely convinced that those who disagree are just plain stupid. Unfortunately, they are much more the flat-earthers than those they decry. The Dark Ages separated the Flat Earthers from the knowledge of past generations, e.g., Mamonidies, the eleventh century physician-philosopher wrote of the earth circling the sun, however fifteenth century Flat Earthers were truly ignorant of that history. Today's flat earthers are separated from the greater body of information because of a self imposed ignorance, not because the information has been lost to them.

The environmental extreme has adopted the position of their pied piper, not for the music he plays (accumulating money for Algore), rather for the secondary agenda of societal economic change and forced redistribution of wealth. The extreme refuses to consider any position that challenges their agenda. The extreme are supported by others who want to garner the approval of the 'cool group', again mimicking teen aged dynamics. And, just as every 15 year old's parent is, 'just plain stupid', all who disagree with the cool group are stupid and to be derided.

There is much that the left has to offer in terms of passion and compassion that can enhance our society. Just as a puppy with its tail wagging demonstrates a greater happiness and vitality, the left enhances society by presenting radical ideas. Nevertheless, we all know the perils of the tail wagging the dog.

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So, these will be the warnings of one too old for you to hear, too resolute for you to heed. It will be easy to ignore me. You`ll say that I`m a racist or a bigot, a redneck or a right wing extremist, just don`t say that I didn`t warn you.

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