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Immigration - Guest Worker? Sham!
First published 07 Jul 2006

Any temporary or `guest worker` program is a sham. If more labor is needed, raise the immigration quotas and expedite the legal entry of those waiting.
  • Temporary workers allow select sectors to shift labor costs to the general public.
  • Illegal immigrants present an unsustainable drain on the economy.

Any guest worker program is a sham, as long as there are lines of people waiting to immigrate legally. There is no justification to allow temporary workers to enter the country and drain the economy with people waiting to immigrate into the US, permanently.

At a time when it is estimated that a third of US high school student don`t graduate, there is no justification to allow temporary workers into the country to perform jobs that would otherwise be taken by unskilled US residents. It`s economically unsound and detrimental, NOT beneficial to the American economy. Current estimates are that illegal immigrants send 20 to 40 Billion dollars out of the United States each year. Using an economic multiplier, similar to the Federal Reserve, this converts to an economic drain of 100 to 200 Billion dollars per year that is removed from the US economy. And, that doesn`t include the social costs of unpaid healthcare, social services consumed (various welfare and support programs as well as educational costs) without contribution to the tax base and the increases in public services utilized (police and enforcement costs). These are costs that are shifted to the tax-paying population of legal immigrants and established citizens. Easily, the cost of illegal immigrants is in the range of 500 Billion dollars per year. If there are 10 million illegals, that converts into a COST of $50,000 per illegal per year.

Unless there is a $50,000 per year wage differential between illegals and legals, that means that illegals are COSTING the US economy, rather than contributing. Illegal immigrants are valued for providing `cheap labor`. But, that labor is only `cheap` if you happen to an employer paying a substandard wage. The real cost is being shifted to all of America in the form of higher taxes, insurance premiums and costs of other goods. So, when the mass produce farmers say that the cost of lettuce will rise to two dollars, they don`t disclose that your healthcare premiums could be 10 or 20 per cent less if you weren`t having to subsidize their `cheap labor`. Similarly, meat producers complain the cost of meat would rise or that farmers couldn`t afford to raise avocados anymore.

The unfortunate reality is that some businesses won`t be able to survive in a global economy when they`re not subsidized in one form or another. Are TV`s produced in this country anymore? No. Small appliances? No. When you look at the origin of most products, are they `Made in America` anymore? So, why do we buy the argument about poultry and produce? It is macroeconomic reality that not every industry will survive in globalization. So, why should select sectors of the economy be allowed to force the general economy to subsidize their interests at the expense of the economy as a whole?

American economy will strengthen, if all sectors compete for labor on an equitable basis, without forced subsidies. But, this cannot happen piecemeal. There has to be a pay as you go approach to all services. Just as in the 1990`s there was hype about a change from welfare to workfare, the twenty-first century must change from entitlement to personal responsibility.

Employers MUST be held accountable for hiring illegals. They are the magnet drawing illegal workers. Employers in the exploiting sectors are the modern robber barons. They shift their labor costs to society in general so that they may maintain profits, unsustainable in a free economy.

For those who argue that the current system is laissez faire capitalism, the argument must fail. True capitalism does not require that the general public support the social costs of a sector`s labor force. True capitalism forces your workers to pay their share of costs for services utilized, to pay their fair share of taxes and contribute proportionately to the economy. The current system is an economic slavery where illegals are whipped with the treat of deportation or being turned into the authorities.

By having nothing but legal citizens, whether native born or immigrant, the threats are removed. Capitalism will work and wages will reflect the value of the job. Some industries will evaporate but, that is the way of the world. Two hundred years ago, most Americans were farmers. Things change. America improves.

And, that`s the reason that ANY temporary worker program is a sham, intended to provide stealth incentives to sector employers with labor costs shifted to the general public. And, it is an abuse of those allowed to migrate illegally. They are thralls coaxed into believing that they are improving their lives. But, this is at the expense of their fellow countrymen, their heritage and progeny. They are shifted from crushing poverty in their country to allow continuance of oppressive regimes. Those that the illegals think are their champions are nothing more than conspirators preserving an oligarchy in their homeland. Rather than promoting a democracy or republic in the illegals` homeland, illegals are moved from one oppression to another. The conspirators deliver illegals to economic slave masters rather than allowing workers to force change in their homeland. All to preserve those in power.

NO, we DON`T NEED a temporary worker program. If you want more labor, make it legal, accelerate the immigration process, raise immigration quotes and shorten the lines of people waiting to come to America. But, KEEP IT LEGAL! We`re supposed to be a nation of laws, after all.

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