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Life for Zacarias Moussaoui - Thanks.
First published 26 May 2006

A big THANKS to the jury in the Zacarias Moussaoui trial. Death would have been easy, perhaps even sweet for Moussaoui, anticipating the dozens of virgins that were to be his reward. Now, he will suffer. A slow and mentally tormented death that will take years to affect.

Make no mistake, this is not rejoicing evasion of the death penalty. Ipsism Cerebri has no qualms concerning the death penalty. When conducted with emotionless precision, execution is much more humane than locking a person in a seven by nine foot compartment for the remainder of his life.

Moussaoui will spend 23 hours per day for the rest of his life in a small cell with essentially no human contact. It is a sterile environment, devoid of most creature comfort.

Many do not realize that loneliness is a medical condition, recognized as a result of the `do not touch` treatment of the early twentieth century pediatric wards. Children actually died of loneliness.

Moussaoui may have believed that he won. But, in a few months, or a few years, he is going to wake up one morning and realize that he will be living the same day for the rest of his life. His rage, his love, his narcissism will have no audience but himself. He will experience loneliness to an ultimate degree. It is the existence that causes those so confined to attempt suicide by running into the walls, hoping for a lethal skull fracture.

For the remainder of his life, he will suffer in isolation. More than the swift and painless extinction that would have been the gift of the death penalty, he will smolder in a forgotten infamy. There will be no virgins for him. He will not die in the service of his Allah; he will whimper that he failed Allah.

Now, if the BOP will just give Moussaoui a diet rich in pork and deep fried in lard...

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