Obama Birth Certificate - FORGET IT! @ Nov 18 2008

If you're going to do anything, you first have to show that Obama's momma was not a US citizen. Since it's going to be impossible to prove that she was not a US citizen at the time of Obama's birth, it doesn't matter where she was living, Obama's as much of a citizen as John McCain who was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

The argument that Obama's Indonesian step father registered Obama as an Indonesian citizen when he adopted Obama is going to fail. As a minor, Obama could not renounce his US citizenship. It doesn't matter what his step-father said, he would not have been able to contract away Obama's US citizenship. Even if his stepfather registered Obama as an Indonesian, Obama did not have to do anything to restore his US citizenship when he returned to the US as a minor; and resumed his citizenship.

If there was any document that Obama's stepfather executed, it would be voided, nunc pro tunc, because, in the US, a parent cannot contract away the rights of a child. This is firmly established in family law courts. Parents cannot execute an agreement to relieve either of the parents of the obligation to provide child support. Child support is a right reserved to the child and cannot be contracted away by the parents. In like fashion, a court is going to use this rationale to negate any declaration made by Obama's step father, or even by a minor Obama, himself.

Unfortunately, challenging Obama's citizenship is not going to work. Forget it.

There's simply too much to do to try to overcome the hurdles and burdens that Obama is going to place before American entrepreneurs in his attempts to kill American capitalism.

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