The corruption is systemic, the FBI NEEDS TO GO @ Sep 20 2022

Hollywood gave us images of sterling law enforcement with a mission "to Serve and Protect." A recent article shows that the FBI lost its integrity, The FBI has be untrustworthy for at least three decades:   A sickening description of systemic forensic fraud in the FBI crime lab.
There is an old Middle-Eastern saying,
"If justice depends upon whose ox is gored, there is no justice."
For much of our lives, we trusted that the FBI evaluated evidence with precision and without bias. Now, that trust has been shown to have been misplaced. - They have chosen oxen to benefit or harm targets, regardless of truth. And the FBI ruthlessly gored their targets in the lab and the courtrooms. The harm was egregious, some leading to executions of presumably innocent victims of the FBI targeting.
With the apparent bias shown in political investigations and the demonstrated malfeasance and apparent criminal culpability, Ipsism is compelled to join those calling for the dissolution of the FBI.
If a new organization is formed, all current and former employees of the FBI should be barred from joining the new organization.

Another example: Law360 (September 21, 2022, 10:36 PM EDT) -- A disbarred Beverly Hills attorney testifying in an ex-FBI agent's bribery trial told a California federal jury Wednesday that he paid the agent $10,000 per month in exchange for accessing restricted...


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